The List

Just came across this list I made two or three years ago. Not really rules, more like guidelines or something. Some might mean something to you, others won’t. I’m not going to explain any of it. Take from it what you will.

  1. All lives intersect
  2. Anybody is capable of doing anything to anyone
  3. Prepare for Wednesdays
  4. Whatever you’ve got to do, do it now
  5. Tomorrow isn’t promised
  6. Yesterday can be lost, wasted, and stolen
  7. Just because you saw the beginning, doesn’t mean you’ll catch the end
  8. If you wake up with the memory of a Dream, write it down
  9. If you wake up with a song in your head, it’s trying to tell you something
  10. Create as many new experiences as possible
  11. Touch the world around you
  12. Don’t fall asleep in front of the television
  13. If you’ve got somewhere to be, don’t turn on the computer
  14. Eat better
  15. Exercise more
  16. When loved ones tell you the truth, don’t be angry
  17. Don’t spend too long in front of the mirror
  18. Don’t be lazy
  19. If you release your intent, it will come back to you


Why has the Flittr been so flat?

location_based_message_bulletin_board_dropaloI started Flittr because I thought, “A blog that only contains short  posts — perfect! I must be able to find time to blog regularly for that!”

As it turns out, full-time work, family life, and a side-project with the aim of changing the world doesn’t make for much spare time at all. This year I’ve slept less, stressed more, and worked harder than any other time in my life. The reason?

Dropalo (as in, ‘Drop a local message’).

A location based service that lets you drop messages, anywhere you happen to be (so long as you have a data/internet connection). Messages are public by default and can be seen by anyone that passes through the ‘drop zone’ .

And I’m at the point where I need help from the public (yes, you). You’ve got nothing to lose: it’s free.

I’ll post a follow up later to say a little more about it. For now, go ahead and request an invite  🙂