My desk: a [sort of] happy place

I’ve mentioned before how I like a clutter-free environment. Well, to illustrate, this is a picture of my desk at work. I keep it clean. I keep it tidy. I keep it free of clutter. When any of these three things isn’t true, it affects my mood. You don’t want me grumpy. Ask anyone.

My desk


Less clutter and more space make me a happy man

A tidy spaceOne thing that people noticeĀ at work is that I like a minimalist workspace. The less clutter the better. I even avoid using paper because of the inevitable pile-up and scatter that occurs. So I was very pleased when I opened up Feedly and saw a post highlighting inspiring workspaces.

The image is one of the examples presented in the post, which you can find here. This is pretty much how my desk is at work and very much how I wish my desk was at home. Time for another de-clutter.

And by the way, that desk chair looks incredibly similar to one that you can purchase from Ikea; it’s calledĀ Markus. I know this because I have it, and it is awesome.