Chocolate Cinnamon Volcanoes


Some things upset me. The above is one of those things. Although they taste quite delicious, they’re not what was intended. These volcanic monstrosities were meant be, well, this.

There’s only one thing to do (besides eat them): try again.


Not quite alchemy…


When I was young, I wanted a chemistry set. I imagined myself performing wild experiments and stumbling upon remarkable discoveries. I pictured carefully measuring out substances into different beakers and containers, in an effort to reproduce one of my discoveries. I imagined surprise and satisfaction.


But I never owned a chemistry set. I owned very few things I didn’t truly need. My mother worked hard but didn’t earn much, so we got what we needed and only rarely what we didn’t. So, I never got to play chemist (other than occasionally in school), and never came close to any kind of alchemy.


Now, as an adult with a mild baking obsession, I realise I had all I needed in order to get what I thought a chemistry set would give me. I get to measure out and combine different ingredients, discover how they affect each other, and see results, both expected and unexpected. And I get to repeat and refine the process.

It’s not quite alchemy, but it is chemistry, and it is incredibly satisfying.

A great day for cookies

When I was young I hated baking. Why? Because why can’t I eat it already? That’s why. I wasn’t interested in the baking, just the eating.

Years later and I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the baking process. Two things have helped with that:

  1. I’ve cultivated a necessary level of patience that, balanced with the right level of enthusiasm and anticipation, creates the perfect amount of excitement.
  2. I’ve since realised that the eating can actually take place during the baking.

Yesterday morning I made a fresh batch of epicly chocolatey double chocolate chip cookies for a friend’s birthday barbecue. The recipe isn’t mine, so I can only take so much credit. But I deserve some, because I baked them. And they were awesome. Yes, that was my own horn I just tooted.

Cookies and other goodies

love baking. And, fortunately, I have just enough self-control to prevent myself eating all the batter before the sweet treats go in the oven, so people actually get to enjoy my baked wares. Awesomer.

A friend enjoying a double chocolate chip cookie

BTW: Did you know it was National Chocolate Chip Day on May 15th here in the UK?

Delectably devourable double chocolate chip cookie bombs!

Baking is one of my favourite things. I wish I had found it sooner, but I’m glad I found it at all.

I’ve been practising my chocolate chip cookies recently,  I’ve gotten them to a highly appreciated standard, so decided it was time to try a different recipe, and double-up on the chocolate. Besides, I’ve been needing a cookie fix.

I went hunting and found a recipe on Joy the Baker‘s website. If you’re into baking, just stop reading this and go straight there. Her passion for baking is inspiring.

Lost in translation

The recipe was easy to follow, with only a couple of measurements requiring conversion (imperial/US → metric/UK), but something still went awry. My mixture ended up a little dense…

Double chocolate chip cookie mixture

Plus, the scoop I’d just purchased from Sainsbury’s failed miserably. It should have been a batch of 24, but ended up being a batch of 17 — they looked like small rolls. I was so disappointed, but the mixture smelled so awesome.

All’s well that tastes chocolatey

Out of the oven and my disappointment evaporated. I enjoyed a cup of peppermint tea with a couple of these amazing cookie bombs; it was impossible to only have one! And their size turned out to be a blessing in disguise; I managed to only have two, but the temptation was powerful.


I’ll definitely be baking these again. We’re heading to a barbecue on Saturday, so friday might be bake-night