Duh and or hello: reasons not to watch Archer

I don’t watch much TV. I hate channel surfing. I watch a handful of shows at the moment, usually online. 24 — so obviously, although I wonder why no one in my department knows about Jack Bauer (sounds better when you imagine Arnold Schwarz-whatever saying it). Elementary, S.H.I.E.L.D., Perception, Orphan Black. The watch-list consists of various types of drama (albeit with sprinkles of humour here and there). So when I want/need to laugh, my go-to show is Archer.

Why do I like it?

This show is great because of what it doesn’t do. Archer doesn’t:

  • take itself seriously (I mean, at all)
  • try to be “Politically Correct” (not even slightly)
  • hold back (e.g. if a joke is racist, it’s very racist)
  • drag things out (I’m looking at you, almost every anime ever made)

Who shouldn’t watch it?

Children, of any age. Not even babies. Seriously, I don’t watch it if my one year old daughter is awake or in viewing/hearing distance. People who are easily offended (by anything: sex, swearing, any type of -ism), also don’t watch it. It’s animated, so people who don’t like “cartoons”, or think they’re for children (and I stress again, this so isn’t), should probably skip it.

If you don’t fall into any of the above categories, and you’re not put off by all the things Archer doesn’t do, then duh, and/or, hello? Why are you still reading? Start watching (The first three seasons are also available on Netflix).