Chocolate Cinnamon Volcanoes


Some things upset me. The above is one of those things. Although they taste quite delicious, they’re not what was intended. These volcanic monstrosities were meant be, well, this.

There’s only one thing to do (besides eat them): try again.


Not quite alchemy…


When I was young, I wanted a chemistry set. I imagined myself performing wild experiments and stumbling upon remarkable discoveries. I pictured carefully measuring out substances into different beakers and containers, in an effort to reproduce one of my discoveries. I imagined surprise and satisfaction.


But I never owned a chemistry set. I owned very few things I didn’t truly need. My mother worked hard but didn’t earn much, so we got what we needed and only rarely what we didn’t. So, I never got to play chemist (other than occasionally in school), and never came close to any kind of alchemy.


Now, as an adult with a mild baking obsession, I realise I had all I needed in order to get what I thought a chemistry set would give me. I get to measure out and combine different ingredients, discover how they affect each other, and see results, both expected and unexpected. And I get to repeat and refine the process.

It’s not quite alchemy, but it is chemistry, and it is incredibly satisfying.

Post Whole30: Healthy Lunch

Whole30 ruined my eating habits

I went to the canteen for lunch, rather excited because I could once again eat whatever the hell I wanted.

When I got there I saw at the hot food bar there was a chicken meal but it looked (and smelled) a bit greasy/rich and very carby (lots of potatoes and whatnot). None of the other hot dishes appealed either so I turned to the salad bar. Chilly crispy curly kale (or 3CK, for short) was available and looking tasty, so I grabbed some of that, plus red cabbage salad (forget what they called it), extra carrots (love carrots), cucumber and a piece of tomato. Then I topped it with some seeds.

I sickened myself as I dished my food. This was all *way too healthy*. I’ve been looking forward to some tasty, not-so-bad-but-not-so-healthy food and I squandered my the opportunity to have some. Why? Because Whole30 ruined me. I feel like my software got hacked and reprogrammed. They so no system is un-hackable. I agree. Biological or otherwise.
Screw you, Whole30. I hated every minute of our time together. Now I’m free and you still have a hold of me. I couldn’t even enjoy my milky, creamy mocha this morning. You suck.
(Awesome lunch though.)

Where to eat Paleo in London

I visited my canteen for lunch on Friday but due to this Whole30 program I’m on at the moment, there was nothing for me there. I decided to hit the street and see if I could find other options. This would have involved a lot of leg-work had it not been for my phone and internet access, but instead I only had to do a bit of thumb-work. A quick google led me to this webpage:

Where to Eat Paleo in the UK

There I found a number eateries that have paleo-friendly dishes. I ended up getting a bunless chicken burger (so, basically, a chicken salad) from Leon. Funny thing is, my wife already told me about that particular option last week. Of course, I only remembered when I found it on Inquisitive Foodie!