Why has the Flittr been so flat?

location_based_message_bulletin_board_dropaloI started Flittr because I thought, “A blog that only contains short  posts — perfect! I must be able to find time to blog regularly for that!”

As it turns out, full-time work, family life, and a side-project with the aim of changing the world doesn’t make for much spare time at all. This year I’ve slept less, stressed more, and worked harder than any other time in my life. The reason?

Dropalo (as in, ‘Drop a local message’).

A location based service that lets you drop messages, anywhere you happen to be (so long as you have a data/internet connection). Messages are public by default and can be seen by anyone that passes through the ‘drop zone’ .

And I’m at the point where I need help from the public (yes, you). You’ve got nothing to lose: it’s free.

I’ll post a follow up later to say a little more about it. For now, go ahead and request an invite  🙂

The joy of creating

I think I mentioned before that I’m a web developer. Well it’s one of the reasons I’ve been quiet the past week or so, along with being busy looking after my daughter and getting over a bout of sickness.

I mention the developer thing because I’m in the midst of building a new service, one I’m quite excited about, and that will be available to everyone, everywhere (that has an internet connection).

So watch this space… Have a great Friday!

A great day for cookies

When I was young I hated baking. Why? Because why can’t I eat it already? That’s why. I wasn’t interested in the baking, just the eating.

Years later and I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the baking process. Two things have helped with that:

  1. I’ve cultivated a necessary level of patience that, balanced with the right level of enthusiasm and anticipation, creates the perfect amount of excitement.
  2. I’ve since realised that the eating can actually take place during the baking.

Yesterday morning I made a fresh batch of epicly chocolatey double chocolate chip cookies for a friend’s birthday barbecue. The recipe isn’t mine, so I can only take so much credit. But I deserve some, because I baked them. And they were awesome. Yes, that was my own horn I just tooted.

Cookies and other goodies

love baking. And, fortunately, I have just enough self-control to prevent myself eating all the batter before the sweet treats go in the oven, so people actually get to enjoy my baked wares. Awesomer.

A friend enjoying a double chocolate chip cookie

BTW: Did you know it was National Chocolate Chip Day on May 15th here in the UK?