This is my fifth blog. The longest running being the one on my website, http://www.latnblack.com, also known as ‘The Urban Alchemist’. So what’s the reason for this one?

Because I need a change

The Urban Alchemist focused on “self-help” and “personal growth”. But these days I never know what I want to write about, my mind is all over the place (hence the name, flittr). Maybe one day The Urban Alchemist will be revitalised. Until then, I’ll be flittering.

Because I need community

Starting a blog can be hard work. Starting one outside of a community and trying to get people to find you in a saturated blogosphere can feel quite futile. Seems a bit of a waste to write if nobody gets to see it. Isolation is a killer. It’s time to become part of a something bigger.

So, for now, I’m going to plug all of my random interests and thoughts into this blog. What’s it about? I guess with time we’ll find out.


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