Post Whole30: Healthy Lunch

Whole30 ruined my eating habits

I went to the canteen for lunch, rather excited because I could once again eat whatever the hell I wanted.

When I got there I saw at the hot food bar there was a chicken meal but it looked (and smelled) a bit greasy/rich and very carby (lots of potatoes and whatnot). None of the other hot dishes appealed either so I turned to the salad bar. Chilly crispy curly kale (or 3CK, for short) was available and looking tasty, so I grabbed some of that, plus red cabbage salad (forget what they called it), extra carrots (love carrots), cucumber and a piece of tomato. Then I topped it with some seeds.

I sickened myself as I dished my food. This was all *way too healthy*. I’ve been looking forward to some tasty, not-so-bad-but-not-so-healthy food and I squandered my the opportunity to have some. Why? Because Whole30 ruined me. I feel like my software got hacked and reprogrammed. They so no system is un-hackable. I agree. Biological or otherwise.
Screw you, Whole30. I hated every minute of our time together. Now I’m free and you still have a hold of me. I couldn’t even enjoy my milky, creamy mocha this morning. You suck.
(Awesome lunch though.)

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