Paleo? Hell no.

My wife and I started the Whole30 last Tuesday. It wasn’t so bad to start off with, I only had to give up cheese (which I love), crackers (a regular snack), and pretty much everything they serve at the canteen at work besides fruit and raw vegetables. Awesome.

I’m obviously not loving it. So, why am I doing it? Because I’ve had a cough since last December (2013) and it is now September (2014). Yes, I’ve been to the doctor; I was given an inhaler in the interim to ease the coughing. Yes, I’ve had tests; I had a couple of respiratory tests to see if I’m asthmatic (one inconclusive and another negative), plus I’ve had a chest X-Ray and had my chest and back listened to for signs of infection. Nothing.

I figured it was worth restricting my diet to see if it had any effect on the cough. The Whole30 Program is pretty strict and restrictive so, there’s the why. Is it working? Well, no change yet. But there are still 19 days to go…


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