Quora Corner: How can I motivate myself to work harder?

Quora loves to send me stuff it thinks I’ll like. Once in a while there’s a post that nails it. This is that.

It’s about motivation, and there are some great answers (some of which don’t really answer the question, but are still inspiring).

My favourites:

SEE what you can Achieve by improving yourself by just 1 % daily,
& till what extent you can deteriorate yourself by doing the opposite
in just a year (i.e 365 days).


Someone once told me the definition of hell:

The last day you have on Earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.


How can I motivate myself to work harder?


Green Tea has never been so appealing

O Green by Special T

A colleague sent this link to me. Consider that this is “just” a promotion for green tea, it seems like overkill, but it’s awesome.┬áIt’s even better on a large screen while wearing headphones.

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Things that programmers know that other people don’t

I received a link to this in my Quora digest. A lot of the answers are pretty spot on. My favourite?

“Programming” is thinking, not typing. Most of programming is spent sleeping, walking around, staring out the window, or doing anything else that helps you relax and think.

Right on. It might not be strictly true but it’s close to the truth. Not all devs think the same way of course, as mentioned in one of the answers; some think by drawing diagrams, some by jotting notes, some by ‘drafting’ out bits of code, and others do a lot of it mentally. I generally fall into the latter category.

However developers do their thinking, what they tend to have in common is that they’ll do a lot of “thinking” before any actual coding.

Things that programmers know that most people don’t

The joy of creating

I think I mentioned before that I’m a web developer. Well it’s one of the reasons I’ve been quiet the past week or so, along with being busy looking after my daughter and getting over a bout of sickness.

I mention the developer thing because I’m in the midst of building a new service, one I’m quite excited about, and that will be available to everyone, everywhere (that has an internet connection).

So watch this space… Have a great Friday!