We’re all developers

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, this morning I was thinking about how we assign (and are assigned) labels to ourselves. Example: I tend to refer to myself as a developer. I couldn’t get any further in my thoughts on labels though, because I got hung up on this particular label. What does it even mean?

Oh yea, I do that too

The titles of software engineer,  software programmer, software developer, all sound pretty fancy, but those words — engineer, programmer, developer — when distilled just mean you make stuff, change stuff and fix stuff. Yes, it’s that ordinary, most of the time, just like making a sandwich, or fixing a stiff door handle, or changing the arrangement of your underwear drawer.

So yea, guess what? You’re a developer too. Didn’t you know? Now you do.

What are you gonna make, change, or fix?

Developers tend use the word coding to refer to programming a piece of software. I’m going to use “coding” to refer to any act of creation, modification, or fix-ation (needed an –ation word).

As developers we have the power to code whatever we want. The restrictions are time, energy, willpower, and resources (although the more creative of us won’t let a lack of resources hinder us). Personally, I’m planning to code myself a better physique (got that daddy belly doing it’s own developing right now). First though, I’ll need to code myself some kind of discipline and/or motivation.

Given your new status as a developer, what are you gonna code?


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