Millie’s Style Cookies

Homemade Millie's style cookies

Homemade Millie’s style cookies

My father was a baker-man. I guess it’s not surprising that I’ve taken to baking recently (I’m not the only one of his children to do so, just the latest).

Tonight I baked some cookies, Millie’s style — not the first time, and definitely not the last. They taste awesome. I’ll be taking them to work tomorrow as I have before, but I’m always tempted to accidentally “forget” them.

The recipe is here. I tend to use dark chocolate chips and vanilla paste instead of the regular vanilla extract; the paste has a richer, more intense flavour. Personal preference. I also make the cookies a little smaller for a higher quantity — it makes them go a little further.

Murder Distraction

Too often we end up focusing too much on what people are doing around us, thinking beside us, up to behind us, planning ahead of us.

A perfect example, I was wondering what my first post should be for this blog. First thought?

Let me see what so-and-so posted for their first post…

Just stop it. Forget what they’re doing. Unless it has some real, significant impact on who you are and what you’re doing, just forget. Kill the thought. Murder the distraction. It’s nothing more than that.

Do what you’re doing, how you wanna to do it. Be who you are unapologetically.